Faith Formation


Our Policies

St. Edward’s Catholic Church is proud to be a strong parish in regard to Catholic education. Classes are offered for students from Kindergarten through grade 12. We also provide sacramental preparation for Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. The Faith Formation classes begin in September and continue into May.


Registration dates for Faith Formation are announced in the parish bulletin. We are aware that families are coming to Shelton at all times of the year. Our doors are ever open to welcome you and your children.

Our program is primarily intended for families who are registered at St. Edward’s Catholic Church. We ask that as registered parishioners you actively participate in the worship activities and sacramental life of the parish with your time, talent and treasures.   This aspect of catechesis cannot be effectively taught in the classroom without it being first taught from the family life style and faith expression. Remember, as parents, you are the primary educators and catechists of your children.


We ask for a donation of $25.00 per child or $65.00 for a family of 3 or more to cover the costs of materials, activities and books.  We are asking for an additional $12.00 for each child involved in 1st Eucharist and Confirmation.   This is to cover the cost of special curriculum, books and material that are given throughout the year.

Documents needed

A Baptismal certificate is needed for those who will be in the class for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation.


Regular attendance at these classes is key to the children’s gaining a complete understanding of the year’s lessons and especially to the deepening of the child’s faith life. Our teachers do become concerned when a child is absent from class for an extended period. We will get in touch with the family if there are more than two consecutive absences. If you are anticipating an extended absence, please let us know.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students in Special Sacraments and Kindergarten through 10th grades begin at 9:45 AM and end at 11:00 AM on Sunday mornings. Please do not bring your child more than 15 minutes earlier than the beginning of class. Be prompt in picking them up after dismissal.

Child pick up after class

Children in grade 3 and younger will be released at the classroom, only to parents or an older, authorized sibling or another authorized adult. If someone other than a parent will pick up a child, we MUST be notified in writing. It is Communication with Parents / Families Generally we use e-mail and the bulletin to communicate. Although we send calendar date reminders to parents, we do ask that you mark your calendars in advance for the special dates we have mentioned in the calendar.

Fire Safety and Disaster Preparation

At the beginning of the year, the catechists are briefed on Fire Safety and Disaster Preparation. They, in turn, take time to show the children in their charge where the exits are and what they are to do in an emergency and the building must be evacuated.

Inclement Weather

If we are experiencing extreme and inclement weather, such as snow or severe flooding, we emphatically encourage you to stay at home. Always put safety first.

Emergency Treatment Release Form

Parents must till out an emergency form for each child in our program upon their registration. We need to know where you will be during the class time in case we must contact you. We also need to be alerted to any food allergies or any serious medical problems of your child.

Important Phone Numbers

St. Edward’s Catholic Church

426-6134 ex 300

Mary Chapman (Cell) 701-7686

Sacramental Preparation

First Sacraments

Preparation for the reception of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is given in 2nd Grade. The children will have a deep understanding and appreciation of this healing sacrament and this life-giving sacrament. Because of the importance placed on these sacraments within our Catholic Tradition, we require each child to have at least one year of Catechesis before they begin preparation. Throughout the year the children will be involved in different ceremonies that will emphasize the importance and

reverence of these two sacraments. Parents will be required to be attendance of these celebrations. The Faith Formation Office will have more details.

Sacraments for the Older Child

Preparation for the reception of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is given for children Grades 4 and up in our Special Sacraments Class. Older children will receive grade-appropriate instruction and preparation as they journey towards reception of these two sacraments. Parents will be required to be in attendance of all celebrations**. Please see the Special Calendar for the scheduled dates.

There has been a renewed emphasis placed upon the

importance of the role of parents in the faith formation of their children. The Church has come to recognize that the parents are the prime movers when it comes to the practice of the faith. Therefore, you are being asked to take an active part in your child’s preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated every two years at St. Edward’s Parish for our youth. The teens must start with active participation in the regular Sunday program. Calendars and more details are available at the Faith Formation Office.


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) adapted for Children is a process to prepare individuals for reception into the Catholic Faith Community. We have classes to accommodate the special direction needed by children whose

parents would like them baptized Catholic. This faith

journey begins in September and continues until the Easter Vigil when the children are baptized and begin their own journey to Christ. Then they continue with the special phase called Mystagogia. Please contact the office for more information.


On the last Sundays at 12:30 pm in the coming months, we will be holding our TOGETHER AS A FAMILY sessions. Our goal is to help the parents bring the faith into the home on a daily basis. These activities will directly correspond with what the youth are learning in their individual classrooms. We invite the families of our youth to participate in the organizing of this program.   This is a wonderful opportunity for our families as well as our Parish family to come together to celebrate the

youth and what they are learning in Christian Education. A calendar giving the specific dates will be handed out to your child.

Youth Group