Update on cancellations for Feb 13-14 2021

Due to the weather conditions, there will be no Confessions Saturday evening. CCD & Confirmation classes on Sunday are also cancelled. Masses on Sunday will be celebrated.   Please be safe!!!     Debido a las condiciones climáticas, no habrá Confesiones el sábado por la noche. Las clases de CCD y Confirmación del domingo también … [Read more…]

Rachel’s Corner

Rachel’s Corner Hope and Healing After Abortion “I said her name out loud for the very first time.  I have not been to confession in 10 years and I thought I was fine. What a gift I have been given going to confession now. I am so happy now. I am at peace and more … [Read more…]


I hope this email finds everyone healthy. There are a few things to report: The Parish office is now open. The office hours are Tuesday & Wednesday 9am-6pm and Thursday & Friday 9am-3:30pm. Beginning October 11, 2020 Masses will be Sunday at 9am in English, Sunday at 11am & 12:30pm in Spanish and a daily … [Read more…]


          No Matter How Much You’re Hurting, No Marriage Is Beyond Hope! • Are you struggling in your marriage, or do you know someone who is? • Are you disillusioned? Frustrated? • Do you struggle with trust or forgiveness? • Are you considering separation or divorce? • Have you lost hope?? … [Read more…]

Adoration on August 7th at 6:30PM

There will be a Public Mass on first Friday August 7th at 6:30pm. The normal protocol for a public Mass will apply! Adoration will begin after Mass until 10:30 pm. If you cannot attend the Mass but would like to come and Adore the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, the Sacrament will be exposed! Those … [Read more…]

First Friday

Welcome everybody, as we get started up here at the the St. Eds Blog! In regard to first Friday I will have to do some research. Although Friday is getting really close and we would need volunteers for the average cleaning – sanitizing in the Church. In regards to Parath in the first reading from … [Read more…]

The signage at St. Edward Parish

I would like to explain the no trespassing signs on our church property. I realize they are not very welcoming. We have been working with the police to help us with a problem on the property located behind the Parish Hall. We have many people “camping” and the only access to the camp is across … [Read more…]